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First the surveyors, then the excavators, then soon after, the pile drivers. This is the order of construction in Virginia Beach. One of the predominant pile driving companies on the east coast is based here in our city. Ford Pile Foundation Incorporated is a family-owned business that has thrived since its founding in 1946 by Woodrow and Alice Ford. The company's operation stretches south to Florida where a second office is located in Naples.

Woodrow Ford Jr. is president of the company. He explained that the Ford Pile Company was responsible for driving the piles of many of Hampton Roads' most famous buildings. Beach buildings include the City Administration and Courthouse Buildings, The Mayflower Apartments, the first major complex of its kind at the beach, and in Norfolk, the Waterside garage, Scope, and most recently, back at Beach, the Virginia Marine Sciences Museum. From January until April, the company drove 60 concrete piles, each 75 feet long; 120 timber piles, each up to 40 feet long; and 70 concrete sheet piles, each 13 feet long all for the museum project.

Eight to nine of the company's 40 employees worked on the project at one time. The company owns 20 pieces of major heavy equipment, from the 75-ton crawler crane down to pile hammers and air compressors. . . .

Excerpt from local newspaper article.

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